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Published Feb 27, 2023 , 10:00 AM

The live BLACK SHIBA INU price today is less than 0.01 cents. We update our SHIB B to USD price in real time. The current MarketCap ranking of Black Shiba Inu is #8518. The total supply of Black Shiba Inu tokens is 5,000 billion. Acquiring certain cryptocurrencies in the crypto space can be challenging, including Black Shiba Inu. Currently, it is not widely supported in major ecosystems, but has recently been listed on the Hotbit exchange and is available on leading exchanges.

What is Black Shiba Inu?

Black Shiba Inu (SHIB B) is a decentralized cryptocurrency project with top-level security and a committed community that aims to revolutionize the world of meme coins. According to the white paper, the entire supply was launched in a fair manner, and there were no tokens allocated for the team. It is a native token of the community with utility in the cryptocurrency sphere. Black Shiba Inu has lauched its token on Binance smart chain (BSC) network. It has rebranded its smart contract to a new one to buy and sell tokens with 0% tax and the community is planning to integrate the Black Shiba Inu’s incubator, staking, gaming, and NFTs into the new contract. The Black Shiba Inu community offers assistance to holders in discovering the necessary tools to express their distinct perspectives and ideas through the Black Shiba Inu Incubator. This promotes breaking free from predetermined restrictions and participating in a decentralized movement.

The Black Shiba Inu community strives to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrency by offering top-level security to make it accessible, safe, lucrative, and secure for millions of individuals. The fees collected on this project will be directed towards the development wallet to aid in its decentralization. The community is entrusted with the power to make decisions regarding the project’s direction and vote on the usage of the development wallet. Black Shiba Inu’s top token holders can vote on the project using the governance token ($BONE B) granted to them through the smart contract for the decentralized project’s development.

Staking SHIB B can be a lucrative way to increase your portfolio, offering up to 200% APY. Black Shiba Inu recently announced a major partnership and new listing, leading to the creation of SHIB B V2. Holding 10 Black Shiba Inu tokens is equivalent to holding 1 SHIB B V2 (10 SHIB B = 1 SHIB B V2). The first 100 holders to swap SHIB B V2 will receive exclusive NFTs with real-world utility. Merely holding an account entitles users to a 2% reward. The smart contract will reward users with more tokens for holding a larger amount. Additionally, 5% is added to the liquidity pool to support trade liquidity. The native token will also have utility on the NFT marketplace and Launchpad zone. The project’s roadmap hints at a forthcoming NFT marketplace.

Users can purchase Black Shiba Inu’s native token by connecting their wallet and swapping BSC to BNB tokens for Black Shiba Inu tokens. The smart contract of Black Shiba Inu was audited by the Tech Rate Audit Company. The Black Shiba Inu community is making significant strides in marketing and advertising to achieve 10000Xgrowth. The community is confident that Black Shiba Inu will surpass all meme coins and has bestowed upon it the title of “King” of all SHIB’s family.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is Black Shiba Inu?
    Black Shiba Inu is a meme coin, fair launched, 100% of total supply + $40K from dedicated ELITE Dev added to Liquidity, absolutely no Dev’s or team tokens.
  2. Why was Black Shiba Inu found?
    Black Shiba Inu was found to make crypto easy, safe, profitable, and secure for all mankind. It aims to disrupt the crypto space with its Black Shiba Inu’s Top security to make the crypto space safer for millions.
  3. What is the market cap of Black Shiba Inu?
    The current market cap of Black Shiba Inu is $20,000 (as on 25 March 2023)
  4. What is the maximum token supply of Black Shiba Inu?
    The total supply of Black Shiba Inu is 5,000 billion.
  5. Can I buy Black Shiba Inu in Sonic wallet?
    Currently, it is not widely supported in major ecosystems, but it is available on leading exchanges.
  6. What is SHIB B V2?
    SHIB B V2 is the new version of Black Shiba Inu (SHIB B).
  7. Are SHIB B and SHIB B V2 the same?
    SHIB B V2 is the new version of SHIB B. Holding of 10 Black Shiba Inu tokens is equal to holding of 1 SHIB B V2 (10SHIB B = 1 SHIB B V2).

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