Frictionless Money Transfers
Send money to friends and family

Send instant crypto payments or gifts to anywhere in the world without paying domestic or international wire fees. We neither charge any fees nor mark up exchange rates, so they can get paid more.

Sending Money Made Easy

Sending money to your family, friends, employees, business partners should be just as simple as sending text message. We make it happen by making the process quick, flexible and lowest cost.

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0 Fees

We offer zero fees instant money transfer services - No fees for sending or receiving payments

no fees
fast transaction

Fast Transaction

Fast global payments made easy. Send money with just one click, in the format you prefer - USDC, USDT, Bitcoin or other Crypto.


Our platform is flexible and user-friendly, designed for your regular needs. You can manage your beneficiary details, check transfer status, and get all eports.

fast transaction
Buying, selling, and sending digital assets involve inherent risks, and it is crucial to thoroughly evaluate the potential risks before participating in such activities. Additionally, please note that certain jurisdictions may impose regulatory restrictions or limitations, which could affect the availability of specific services, features, and digital assets provided by Sonic Wallet. For detailed information on these matters, kindly refer to the Sonic Wallet platform and review the corresponding terms and conditions.
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