Bitcoin Ordinals - The Revolutionary NFTs on the Blockchain

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Date of publishing : June 3, 2023 , 10:00 AM
Bitcoin Ordinals - The Revolutionary NFTs on the Blockchain

NFTs are, like, totally trending right now, but what if we had, like, an even more secure, efficient, and lit version of NFTs? That's where Bitcoin ordinals step in.

Bitcoin ordinals are the latest NFT craze built on the Bitcoin blockchain. They're similar to other NFTs 'cause they're one-of-a-kind and can't be replaced, but they've got some dope differences. First off, these bad boys are created using the Taproot upgrade, dropped in November 2021. Taproot allows for more complex transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain, making it possible to create NFTs that are, like, super secure and efficient. Secondly, Bitcoin ordinals are engraved on satoshis, which are the tiniest units of Bitcoin. That means each Bitcoin ordinal is a unique and hella valuable piece of data chilling on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Bitcoin Ordinal Theory and Inscriptions

The ordinal theory is a rad way to track each satoshi with a serial number throughout its entire journey in the Bitcoin supply. Inscriptions are like digital assets, you know, similar to NFTs, that are carved onto a satoshi in the Bitcoin network. Thanks to the Taproot upgrade, launched on November 14, 2021, we can make these inscriptions happen.

To make an inscription, you gotta start by creating a Bitcoin script that'll hold the data you wanna inscribe. This script can be anything from a simple text message to a lit smart contract. Once you got that script on lock, you can use the Ordinals protocol to inscribe it on a satoshi.

These inscriptions get stored on the Bitcoin blockchain, making them unbreakable and unchangeable. That's what makes 'em perfect for stashing valuable stuff, like ownership records, contracts, or even digital art.

Ordinal theory and inscriptions are still in their early stages, but they've got the potential to transform our Bitcoin game. By letting users attach data to individual satoshis, inscriptions could make Bitcoin way more rad for a bunch of cool applications.

Here are some epic benefits of Bitcoin ordinal theory and inscriptions:

Boosted security: Inscriptions could level up Bitcoin's security by letting us track the ownership of each satoshi. It'd be way harder for the bad guys to swipe Bitcoin.

Enhanced traceability: Inscriptions could make Bitcoin more traceable by enabling us to track the movement of individual satoshis. That'd be mega useful for law enforcement peeps and financial institutions.

Fresh applications: Inscriptions could unlock a whole new world of possibilities for Bitcoin. We could create digital assets, like NFTs, or store ownership records, and stuff.

So, what are the perks of using Bitcoin ordinals? Here's the lowdown:

  1. Secure vibes: Bitcoin ordinals are crafted using the Taproot upgrade, so they're way more secure than other NFTs.
  2. Speedy transactions: Bitcoin ordinals can be created and transferred faster than other NFTs. No time to waste, you know?
  3. Value overload: Bitcoin ordinals are etched on satoshis, making them more valuable than other NFTs. They're like treasure!
  4. Scarce as heck: With only 100 million satoshis in a single Bitcoin, Bitcoin ordinals are rarer than rare in the NFT world.

Creating Bitcoin ordinals

If you're down to make your own Bitcoin ordinal, check out rad services like
Here's what you gotta do:
Get yourself a Taproot-enabled wallet.
Send some satoshis to your wallet. Stack that crypto, fam!
Use to engrave your data onto the satoshis.
Once you've crafted your Bitcoin ordinal, it'll be stored on the Bitcoin blockchain and can't be tampered with. It's locked in!


Bitcoin ordinals are the future of NFTs, bringing in a whole new wave of innovation and excitement. If you wanna dive into the next level of NFTs, then you better peep Bitcoin Ordinals. It's where the cool kids hang out.

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